Wednesday, 6 January 2016

York’s ‘CU in the City’ events – Full of drama, bugs and interactive science!

Happy New Year one and all and welcome to 2016!

Last year was one of great change and progress across the Children's University network. Excitingly, we saw local CUs hosting their own learning events alongside those provided by traditional Learning Destinations. To showcase just one of these amazing events, Lucy Horsman, an intern at York CU, has written a couple of posts about York's project, 'CU in the City'. Without further ado, I'll hand over to Lucy for Part 1:

At York Children’s University we’re very proud of our project ‘CU in the City’, which runs in conjunction with the passport scheme. ‘CU in the City’ provides a unique range of free events that combine learning with real life experiences, all of which are hosted by our fantastic partners from local enterprises, student volunteers and academics from the University of York. The aim of the events is to give children another opportunity to earn those beloved stickers, whilst learning in new and creative ways with their families alongside them.

We ran six events through the end of November, so let’s get started with ‘Express Yourself’, a creative drama workshop with York Theatre Royal, ‘It’s a Bug Life’ with Buglife environmental charity, and ‘Science to make your hair stand on end!’ with University of York Physics Department.

York Theatre Royal kicked off our first event, ‘Express Yourself’, in the beautiful De Grey ballroom at the Theatre Royal. This was a drama session all about expression and encouraging parents and children to grow in confidence and gain some great improvisational and physical theatre skills! With plenty of high energy activities and team work, it was lovely to see parents and children spending time learning and having fun together.

Next we learnt all about York’s very own beetle, the tiny Tansy, with the Buglife charity and made ‘bug hotels’ with all the bits of twigs and foliage we could find. Six year old Francesca said “Learning that York has its own bug was the best bit!” and seven year old Maisie agreed, “it was lots of fun!”

Our third event took us to University of York for a real science lecture, with plenty of exciting experiments including balloons, a Van de Graaff generator, magnets and liquid nitrogen - even the adults were on the edge of their seats! The experiments were such a success that one little boy even asked at the end of the session, “Daddy, can we get some liquid nitrogen?” Definitely a future scientist in the making!

We were delighted by the positive feedback from parents and children, particularly the parent who said, “the children don’t even realise they’re learning” – surely a great advert for Children’s University! Stay tuned for Part 2 (arriving next week), including illusions, giant snails and superheroes - not all in the same event…!

CU next time,


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