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Hi, and welcome to the part of our blog written just for you!

Can learning be a bit boring sometimes? Does university look like some big, scary place you'll never get to? We know exactly how you feel, because we felt like that too!

Children's University wants to make learning fun again - we want to help you get out into the world and enjoying all of the amazing things around you! Take a look at this video to see the kind of things our children like doing:


There's so much out there to see and enjoy and you can decide where you want to go and what you want to do. With us, you get to choose (your mum or dad will still need to help you get there though!). And when you choose what you're going to learn, suddenly it all seems a lot more exciting!

Want to play a musical instrument? 
No problem.

Want to learn about Ancient Egyptian mummies? 

Want to have a go at a new sport?
You got it!

We think all children should get the chance to find learning fun. Loads of children already have with Children's University, and we hope you do too:

“It’s really important to me and it helps me in my learning. At the last award ceremony I got a bronze award and that made me feel proud.”
(Oliver, 10 Sheffield)

“Going to University made me and my parents really proud. Like seeing me in a cap and gown. My Mum said she never thought she would see inside a university. It just makes me feel proud.”
(Central CU Trust)

“I think the Children’s University is really good because it encourages children to go to exciting places and not just stay at home after school or at the weekends.”
(Ava Allchurch, 8)

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